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Landlords must often resolve excessive noise complaints

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Landlord-Tenant

Landlord-tenant disputes can cover a broad range of situations. From damage to the unit to missed payments and everything in between, disputes and disagreements must be examined and handled before heated emotions escalate. One common issue centers on excessive noise disturbances that impact other tenants or the landlord himself or herself.

Substantiate the claim

While many landlords quickly take action to respond to a noise complaint, it is wise to take the time to thoroughly investigate the claim. Ensuring the claim is substantive is a crucial element in acting fairly and professionally. For example, is there evidence of the excessive noise? It is incumbent upon the landlord to avoid taking the claim at face value while performing their due diligence. Searching for evidence, for example, or researching a complaint history between tenants can put the disturbance in perspective.

Does the claim cut both ways?

It is not uncommon for excessive noise to be a problem for numerous tenants, but only one tends to speak up. It is the job of the landlord to thoroughly investigate the situation to uncover and additional factors. For example, perhaps tenants work opposite schedules and one individual’s late-night television program is just as distracting as another tenant’s early-morning workout. After having built the complete picture, the landlord can possibly work the tenants through a compromise.

When eviction is a necessity

If the tenant is the subject of numerous, substantiated complaints about excessive noise, the landlord might find it necessary to begin the eviction process. This is a complicated process filled with legal pitfalls. When eviction becomes the only solution, it is wise to enlist the aid of a skilled legal representative who can guide you through the process.