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4 statements that can have costly consequences in a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | Divorce, Family Law

People do and say many things they might later regret when they end a marriage. Though this is not unusual, it is crucial to know that some statements you might make during this stressful time can have costly, long-lasting consequences.

“Let’s leave lawyers out of this.”

There are forms and discussions that you and your spouse can tackle yourselves, but the fact is that divorce is a legal process. This means there are legal documents, deadlines and procedures that are involved. 

Too often, people think they are saving money by taking a do-it-yourself approach to divorce, but they could learn an expensive lesson when they make mistakes, unnecessary concessions or incorrect assumptions. Lawyers can have the experience, skills and resources to navigate a divorce efficiently and effectively.

“I won’t negotiate.”

In just about every divorce, there will be some give-and-take. Refusing to compromise or negotiate regarding matters like dividing property or parenting time can mean out-of-court efforts come to a halt. Under these circumstances, you could wind up in litigation, which can be time-consuming, contentious and expensive.

Instead, you can work with professionals like mediators to prioritize what matters most and work out solutions together.

“Lying is okay to protect myself.”

Emotions like guilt and anger can cloud people’s judgment and cause them to say something untrue in the interest of self-preservation. You might be tempted to lie about your finances or falsely accuse your soon-to-be-ex of abuse or bad parenting to get what you want.

However, lying under oath is illegal and can ultimately do more harm than good. You could wind up facing financial penalties, loss of parenting time or even criminal charges. Thus, do not lie.

“Fast is better than fair.”

If you want to get through a divorce as quickly as possible, it could require concessions on your part. However, conceding too much could adversely affect you in the long run, especially regarding financial arrangements.

Divorce-related orders and agreements can impact you long after the process is complete. Agreeing to something unwise could be a mistake that follows you for years.

If you are divorcing, avoiding these statements can mean avoiding some of the costly pitfalls they can trigger.