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Easing The Complications Of Divorce And Separation

At Foster Law Office, we understand how hard divorce can be. Whether or not you are in agreement with your spouse, a number of questions surrounding divorce require the assistance of an experienced family law lawyer. These include how much spousal support will be calculated, how property will be divided, and any decisions regarding the future of a couple’s children.

We are experienced with complex family law financial issues including establishing family property, valuating pensions and assessing income. Whether you are separating from a married or common-law spouse, we can clarify your legal rights and help you protect them.

Advising You On The Legal Side Of Your Finances

This approach is particularly important when assessing the value of a couple’s Net Family Property (the total amount of a couple’s assets on the date they decide to separate). Net Family Property can be comprised of bank accounts, investments, or real estate, but it does not include the matrimonial home, or the home in which the couple lived together. Foster Law Office can help you analyze your situation to best divide your assets during separation and divorce.

Legal Guidance For Varying Circumstances

Even if you are in agreement with the other party, it is important that an experienced lawyer review your situation. While many people think they can separate without any formalities, we can help you avoid the many pitfalls of an unregulated separation by providing legal guidance. We’ll help you prepare a separation agreement or a court order establishing all rights and obligations of each partner. These are essential legal tools that can provide a final resolution for any current disputes, and can prevent disputes in the future.

Legal Separation

Many people think that just because partners live under the same roof for a year, they acquire the legal status of a married couple in Ontario. That is not the case legally and may complicate things even further if the couple decides to separate.

Other people think it is okay to simply separate without any formalities, especially when the two parties are in agreement. However, drafting a separation agreement or a court order to establish the rights and obligations of each partner can provide resolutions for disputes that may arise.

Contested Or Uncontested Divorce?

For some married couples, an amicable separation agreement will suffice to settle their differences so that the only court proceeding is a simple and uncontested divorce. For others, all channels of communication have been exhausted and one spouse must file an application in family court in order to resolve all of the issues.

Whether your divorce will follow the litigation route or be resolved through negotiation, Foster Law Office can help you achieve your goals in both uncontested and contested divorces.

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