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Out-Of-Court Divorce Solutions: Mediation, Arbitration And Collaborative Divorce

While popular media often features divorce in the context of bitter courtroom battles, alternative options exist. Separating couples can often arrive at workable solutions through various alternative methods that are often quicker, less costly and less contentious. At Foster Law Office, we can help you identify the means that best suit your family.

Alternative Methods For Separation And Divorce

Three out-of-court methods are mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce — each with their own benefits and parameters. Using these methods, ex-spouses can arrange post-relationship legalities such as spousal support, parenting arrangements and division of property.

  • Mediation — A neutral, third-party mediator facilitates an informal discussion between you and your spouse. The mediator does not provide legal advice, but will help you consider new perspectives and explore customized arrangements that a court may not have the flexibility to offer.
  • Collaborative Divorce — In this informal arrangement, you will work together with your ex-spouse and a team of professionals including lawyers, financial advisors, divorce coaches, child psychologists or other experts in order to devise tailored solutions. Only lawyers specially trained in collaborative law can represent clients through this method.
  • Arbitration — In this method, a neutral third party acts in a similar capacity to a judge and listens to each side and then makes a decision. The result is legally binding, but without many of the restrictions, expense and scheduling limitations of going to court.

When you turn to our firm during a separation or divorce, we can guide you on which of the three alternative solutions best fits your situation. We will listen carefully to your story, analyze the facts, clarify your objectives and help you make an informed decision on how to proceed. Then, we will represent you through the chosen method as we pursue a fair solution to protect you legally, financially and practically.

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