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Protecting Your Interests In Property Division And Spousal Support

When couples separate or divorce, asset division can be a complex matter. In addition, negotiating the payment of spousal support may cause conflict between spouses.

At Foster Law Office, we can help you to assess the value of your family assets and propose a fair division to your former spouse. Whether you can come to an agreement through negotiation or require a judge to decide, we will advance your interests during your divorce. If you are in a common-law relationship, we can advise you on the very different laws that impact your financial status during separation.

Helping You Gain A Fair Division Of Property

In Ontario, the law regarding division of matrimonial assets is a mere starting point for property negotiations. Although there is a general rule of equalization — which means each spouse should receive an equal share of property acquired during the marriage — there are exceptions. In addition, the value of assets may be in dispute, particularly if they include fluctuating investments such as stocks and shares in a company.

Our firm knows how to navigate such complex areas and help you gain an equitable division. We can determine the value of your net family property — taking into account your total family property minus debts. We can also identify the date that such a valuation should occur.

Dividing the matrimonial home can also be challenging. We know the laws regarding such complications as inherited homes, financial gifts applied to the matrimonial home and attempts to transfer a home to evade equalizing property or paying spousal support.

Determining Spousal Support Obligations And Entitlement

Spousal support is another aspect of divorce settlements. It is negotiable, both in the amount and duration of payments. It can be paid periodically over a number of years or as an immediate lump-sum.

At Foster Law Office, we have represented many people who want to arrive at a fair agreement on spousal support when they divorce. Our experience has given us the knowledge of what is reasonable to expect in settlement negotiations. It has also given us the knowledge of what a court will likely impose if spouses cannot agree. We can use this experience to advance your interests and get the best settlement possible on your behalf.

Arrange A Consultation To Discuss Your Legal Rights

To consult with a property division lawyer in Mississauga, contact Foster Law Office at 289-814-1570 or toll free at 1-800-724-6592, or use our online form to reach us by email.