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Comprehensive Wills And Estate Planning

Estate planning and disputes are among the most common reasons why everyday people consult a lawyer. If you have questions about a loved one’s estate or require sound advice to plan your will and other testamentary documents, you are not alone. Foster Law Office in Mississauga has helped many individuals and families; we can also help you.

Estate Planning — Protecting Future Interests

Most people understand the importance of having a will. However, estate planning is more comprehensive than filling out a simple will document. When you consult with us at Foster Law Office, we ask you several important questions that help us to take the right legal steps on your behalf. Some of the issues involved are:

  • Naming an executor or estate trustee
  • Deciding on beneficiaries — Who will receive your property upon your death?
  • Deciding on the nature of your bequests — Will all of your property be liquidated, or will some individuals receive particular objects such as automobiles, jewellery, or real estate?
  • Deciding on powers of attorney — Who will have the legal authority to make decisions for you, during your lifetime, if you become mentally incapacitated?

As an experienced wills and estates law firm, we will do more than fill out paperwork on your behalf. We can recommend legal structures such as gifts and trusts that can reduce the taxes your estate will incur — keeping as much wealth as possible for your beneficiaries.

Estate Trustee Services

Estate trustees often need help to fulfil their duties. The time after a loved one passes is often emotionally stressful, and executors may feel burdened by their legal responsibilities to the estate.

At Foster Law Office, we make sure trustees do what is required according to the deceased’s will and the applicable law. If you are managing a loved one’s estate, we can help you acquire a court order to become appointed as trustee, liquidate assets, resolve disputes between beneficiaries, exercise discretionary powers and, in some cases, decide on asset distribution.

Estate Litigation — Resolving Wills And Estates Disputes

Beneficiaries sometimes feel their rights are not respected during the estate administration process. At Foster Law Office, we can represent you if you disagree with the terms of a will or feel a trustee is acting inappropriately.

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