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Landlord And Tenant Disputes

Landlords are subject to specific legal rules in Ontario. Under these rules, landlords often face challenges when disputes arise with tenants. If you are a landlord facing problems with tenants in a basement apartment, in-law suite or multi-unit rental property, we can help. We provide advice on tenant issues and represent landlords in proceedings before the Landlord Tenant Board.

Legal Advice for Serious Tenant Issues

Dealing with unreliable or even dangerous tenants can cause extreme aggravation for landlords. It can seem nearly impossible to get these tenants to respond to you, let alone pay their obligatory rental fees. Our firm can work to help you end this undue stress.

If you are a landlord with a troublesome tenant, we can help you determine rights and responsibilities for both yourself and your tenant. We can also advise you on your available legal remedies and also help you enforce legal action in circumstances such as:

  • Rental arrears and non-payment
  • Damage to a rental unit
  • Excessive noise
  • Domestic disputes
  • Illegal activity, such as drug use and cultivation
  • Evictions

As lawyers in a full-service firm, we can advise you on a whole range of issues that may arise in tenant disputes. We are experienced in all aspects of contract law, corporate law and litigation. However your case proceeds, we can give you the legal protection that you need.

Let Us Help You Resolve Your Landlord Tenant Dispute

If you are a landlord in need of legal advice, email us or call Foster Law Office in Mississauga at 289-814-1570 or toll free at 1-800-724-6592.