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The rights and responsibilities of being a landlord

Being a good landlord is relatively simple when you have good tenants. As a landlord, your job is to make sure your rental property adheres to all municipal codes when it comes to maintenance, safety, zoning bylaws, health standards and municipal property standards.

When you find yourself with a tenant who is not paying rent or who violates any lease agreement, you will have to try to resolve the issue with the tenant. However, there are times when that won't be possible and you might have to go the legal route to resolve any issues.

Your house may no longer be yours if you are legally married

In Ontario, family laws see marriages as equal partnerships between spouses, and if that partnership ends, assets must be shared equally. Couples who want to take measures to ensure their separate property remains separate can sign a marriage contract to do so. Such an agreement can specify the assets each spouse brought into the marriage, and ensure that these items would once again be separate property in the event of a divorce.

This would be of particular importance if you owned a home before you got married. If that house then became the matrimonial home, the law will not see it as separate property if you separate or your marriage ends and you have no marriage agreement signed in which your spouse gives up a claim to the property.

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